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The goal?

Go from scared-of-being-judged to nothing-can-hold-me-back

The goal?

Go from scared-of-being-judged to nothing-can-hold-me-back

It's time to take the dread away from socializing

Whether you have a social anxiety emergency, need a second pair of eyes, or want to create a long-term roadmap to manage your social anxiety, I'd love to guide you with coaching.

I believe that with the proper guidance and support, you can feel better about yourself and how you show up in the world. I’ve experienced social anxiety for the better part of my life and learned a few things along the way. 


It’s a process, not an overnight success. Much like anything else on Planet Earth (why is this way though?!), we need to accept that it takes effort.

Once we accept it, nothing can stand in our way. From wearing a crazy cowboy hat to the grocery store to deconstructing your beliefs, you need to do the hard stuff to see results. It’s all interconnected, with each piece playing a part in the overall process.

If you’re ready to accept the effort and implement the strategies, then you’re in the right place, and I’d love to support you.

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Choose the best coaching option for you

Personalized Training

After a one-hour session, I’ll create a personalized training based on your needs + extra support

Voxer Coaching (On-demand)

Put me in your back pocket for on-demand coaching as you need it (options available)

Email Coaching Options

This is perfect if you’re not comfortable showing up on camera and feel better in writing

Ask Me Any Question

Send me a question or walk me through a situation and I’ll reply with a personalized video


personalized training

Personalized training

If you're serious about putting in the work, then this is for you

This is my most comprehensive coaching service as it involves a one-hour intensive (we’ll discuss your main challenges and needs) after which I’ll build out a personalized training session for you (I’ll present it to you and give you the tools you need to move forward) + support you through the Voxer app on-demand.

personalized training

Voxer coaching

Get on-demand support within the app

This is perfect if you have an upcoming event or situation you want to prepare for with minimal social anxiety. Or if you want to have support on a daily basis with someone to guide you through as you’re feeling all the feels.

voxer coaching


voxer coaching
email coaching


Email coaching

Write your heart out without the added worry about meeting online

If writing is your jam and you feel more comfortable in that medium, this is the option for you. For many of us socially anxious introverts, we get our thoughts across much faster and more eloquently through writing. 

email coaching

Ask me anything

Get a personalized video-reply back

If you have a specific question or scenario in mind, you want my eyes on, this is the quickest way to get support. I’ll reply back with a personalized video. This is also the perfect solution for social anxiety emergencies.


Of all the outside sources I've read to help regarding Social Anxiety, it's your story(s) that resonated with me the most the past year.

Whether reading your articles, downloading your guides and doing the workshops, I felt a need in my heart to express how grateful I am directly to you: you were vulnerable enough to create your brand based off your Social Anxiety and now you’re helping others like me who feel the same

– Lucas

that's great
bundle show up confidently masterclass 2

Let's get to the point

Show up confidently (quickly) Masterclass

My most popular workshop is now an on-demand Masterclass.

bundle show up confidently masterclass

This 3-part series breaks down the nitty-gritty details of confidence, shows you how to reframe your relationship with social anxiety, and how to rock your first impression through amazing conversations.

social anxiety expert

Hi, I'm Roxana Alexandru

about me social anxiety expert

I help introverts who feel inadequate, boring, unworthy, and misunderstood. I'll help you go from scared-of-being-judged-forever to nothing-can-hold-me-back introvert.

I know what it feels like to be so mentally exhausted from social anxiety that you never want to leave your home or deal with people. After years of being debilitated by it (to the point of not even being able to make eye contact with friends), I found a way to manage it successfully.

My experiences and journey made me an expert.

about me social anxiety expert


Years of working on my social anxiety


socially anxious introverts helped


Master in psychology + Master in IT Mgmt


featured articles on introvert dear

Let's Work Together

Time to embrace your beautiful awkward self

Let’s work together to ensure your social anxiety stays in the background while your confidence takes center stage. Scared to reveal our beautiful awkward selves keep us from accomplishing our biggest dreams.

Personalized Training

$ 1097
  • First session (1 hr)
  • Personalized roadmap
  • Loom recording
  • 3 month Voxer support

Voxer Coaching

3 options available
  • One week unlimited
  • One month unlimited
  • 3 months unlimited
  • M-F 10AM-4PM CET

Email Coaching

3 options available
  • Weekly emails
  • One month unlimited
  • 3 months unlimited
  • M-F 24 hours reponse

Ask Me Anything

$ 15
  • 1 question per session
  • 48 hours turnaround
  • Personalized video
  • <10 minute video

Akward together

The “Be socially confident” newsletter drops weekly to inspire, entertain, motivate, and educate you about social anxiety (who knew it could be so much fun?!). Honestly, if anything, you’ll get a kick out of my own experiences and the funny GIFs.

Call me Rox!

I’m obsessed with social anxiety. In a healthy way! After a decade of being debilitated by it, I finally have the tools I need to manage it (the journey itself is no joke). I now use my experience to help others.

I'm Roxana Alexandru

Coach. Content Creator. Introvert. Mom. Lifelong learner. Psychology lover. Awkward human. Welcome.