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the path to friendship course

How to make friends even if you have social anxiety

I’d compare making friends as an adult to trying to qualify for the American Ninja Warrior show when you’re not fit. That’s how hard it can be. 

But it is possible. Yes, even if you have social anxiety!

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Can you relate to these struggles?


Everyone else on social media is having a party and you’re not invited to it.
You’re constantly bombarded with people you know (how dare they!) going out to brunch, on vacation, or even for a simple coffee date, yet no one is reaching out to you. You might know a few people here and there but you’re not close enough to take them to a Taylor Swift concert.


You’ve put in the effort and reached out to connect with others, but they’re not reciprocating. Trying to get together is like pulling teeth and you’re always the one to initiate. For once you wish that someone would reach out to you so you can feel that they want to be in your company.


You feel stuck when it comes to forming new friendships because you’re not sure where to look or how to do about it. You have a few friends but you’d like to expand your social circle and feel more involved with people. You’re just not sure how.

change your approach

Here's what we're going to cover

I’m breaking this workshop down into 4 major parts. Each part consists of multiple exercises to get a clearer picture of where you stand, your expectations of a friendship, and ways to go about making friends (practically).


Self-awareness & discovery

Accepting and acknowledging where you’re at right now so you know what you have to work with.

part 2

Mindset & expectations

Before you try to make friends, we’ll work on changing how you approach and think about the idea of friends.

part 3

Doing the work

I’m going to give you all I have in terms of practical tips, strategies, and best practices. Especially the ones I’ve used after I had to start all over in a foreign country.

part 4

Keeping the friendship

You’ve invested the time and finally made a good friend. It’s easy to simply assume they’ll always stick around but the truth is that there needs to be a lot of give and take to keep a relationship going.

path to friendship

Path to Friendship Workbook

path to friendship

If you’re ready to put in the effort, then you’ll love the exercises we’re going to do together during the workshop. Each exercise is meant to make you think and act in the name of friendship!

I struggled for years, wishing I could have a group of friends to travel with, play board games with, and share memes with. I used to beat myself up, thinking that I was too boring for that to happen.

I felt like I was the only one who hadn’t figured out the formula for making friends. But there is no formula.

While it’s taken me a good decade to have a handful of good friends, I’m now in a place where I can understand why I struggled so much. I was never the life of the party (hello, introvert!), I tend to think a lot about the dark side of life, and it takes quite a bit to make me laugh (so people might not have that instant connection with me).

And since I don’t do the fake smiling, most people see me as being cold, even though I’m just in deep thought. I don’t enjoy going to parties, and drinking was never for me, so that removes most of the population that wants to be my friend. 

I had enough of accepting people into my life just to be able to say I had “friends.” They weren’t fulfilling any of my needs and I just ended up frustrated with them, so I decided to first understand what it is that I want from a friendship and then learn how to cultivate that.

Which is what I’m hoping to share with you in this workshop.

we're all a work in progress

"What I loved the most about it [the workshop], is the amount of value you give in such a short amount of time"

I’ve often gotten stuck in the social anxiety feelings as opposed to working over the hump and visualizing in a positive way what I want to add to the meeting, and focusing on what I want to achieve. Also, it was very important for me to realize that social anxiety can be so self-absorbing that it makes me not be open to other people’s ideas. I’m so dead-set on trying to prove myself that I come across as a know-it all which isn’t how I want to come off. Thank you so much for these self-realizations.

— Katinka G.

The Path to Friendship Will Help You

Change Your Approach

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By reframing how you think about friends and friendship in general, you'll be more in tune with how to go about it

The Path to Friendship Will Help You

Set Expectations

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You'll be clear on your expectations of yourself and of others so you increase your chances at connecting successfully

Accept the effort

Hover to see how
Once you understand the laws of friendships, best practices and practical tips, you'll accept the effort

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social anxiety expert

Hi, I'm Roxana

I help those who struggle with feeling inadequate, boring, unworthy, and misunderstood. I’ll help you go from scared-of-being-judged-forever to nothing-can-hold-me-back introvert.

I know what it feels like to be so mentally exhausted from social anxiety that you never want to leave your home or deal with people. After years of being debilitated by it (to the point of not even being able to make eye contact with friends), I found a way to manage it successfully.

My experiences and journey made me an expert.

about me social anxiety expert


You've got questions? I have answers!


I’m putting the finishing touches on it and taking the summer vacations into consideration, so the course will up and running first week of September.

Absolutely! The workbook is a downloadable PDF for you to keep. The course recordings will be in the student area in Thrivecart, as well as the bonuses.

This is a digital product, so there are no refunds for it. You can contact me if you have any questions to ensure it’s the right product.

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I’d love to connect with you and answer any questions about the masterclass. You can email me directly here and I’ll return the favor within 24 business hours.

I'm Roxana Alexandru

Coach. Content Creator. Introvert. Mom. Lifelong learner. Psychology lover. Awkward human. Welcome.