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If you like personalized training, you're in the right place.

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Doing things on your own will only take you so far. Having someone give you specific guidance and create a roadmap that’s tailored to your lifestyle, personality, and strengths can help you manage your social anxiety faster.

Whether your goal is to make more friends, have a career that fulfills you, or want to make conversations easier, let’s set a path together.

work with me

your personal road to success

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step in order

When I mean personalized, I mean personal. Forget all the vague advice out there that’s totally unrelated to your situation. Let’s go into the details together.

What’s better than having something tailored to YOU? Not only is it priceless, but it’s useful, and that’s my whole mission; to ensure you’re getting the most out of my experience and strategies in a way that suits you best.

Whether your social anxiety gets in the way at work or home, we’ll work together to devise a roadmap, so you’re set up for success.

Let’s get started on a game plan you’ll be able to follow.

Let’s get into the details of what makes you tick and how to manage your triggers.

Forget Googling for vague advice.

Social Anxiety 69%

You should consider this if...

You should consider this if...

Roadmap Phases

Your roadmap is designed with you in mind, considering your background, personality, phase in life, and other variables. It also takes into account what your personal goals are (SMART concept).

Part 1: The Mindset

We’re going to break down the limiting beliefs you have and reframe them. This is the most crucial part of your journey and the one you need to spend the most time on. I’ll help you rewire how you see yourself and your social anxiety. This area takes a lot of effort, but I’ll help you challenge your confidence and social anxiety beliefs.

Part 2: The Work

I’ll explain the steps to take with proven strategies to start managing your social anxiety. This part includes exposure tasks, a social anxiety ladder, and tips for when you feel overwhelmed in a particular situation.

Part 3: The Plan

I’ll lay out a 90-day plan on how to go about using all the tools provided in training. I’ll break down what you need to do each week to see progress at the end. During these 90 days, you also get unlimited Voxer support.

Your Investment $1097
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1. One Hour Session
Schedule your one-hour session to talk about your social anxiety
2. Personalized Training
Based on your needs, I'll create a long-term roadmap on what you should focus on
3. Loom recording of the training
I'll present the roadmap in the form of a training session personalized just for you
4. 3 Months Voxer Support
47% discount over the regular price. You can reach out on the app unlimited times.
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social anxiety expert

Hi, I'm Roxana Alexandru

about me social anxiety expert

I help introverts who feel inadequate, boring, unworthy, and misunderstood. I'll help you go from scared-of-being-judged-forever to nothing-can-hold-me-back introvert.

I know what it feels like to be so mentally exhausted from social anxiety that you never want to leave your home or deal with people. After years of being debilitated by it (to the point of not even being able to make eye contact with friends), I found a way to manage it successfully.

My experiences and journey made me an expert.

about me social anxiety expert


Frequently Asked Questions


After you fill out the questionnaire with specific questions about your social anxiety/personality type/experiences and sit down for the one-hour intensive session to uncover your limiting beliefs, I’ll consider all that information and devise a roadmap for you. I’ll record it using Loom so you can have it to watch whenever you want. It’s like a personalized workshop for your needs.

After that, you’ll have direct access to me for 90 days within the Voxer app.

The training session recording will be sent to you, and you’ll have access to it forever.

Once you agree to the terms and complete payment, you’ll receive an e-mail with the confirmation and a calendar to select a time that works for you. Before the one-hour session, you’ll have a form to fill out with some questions for me to understand you better.

Afterward our one-hour session, within ten days, I’ll have the personalized training ready for you to review.

Once that’s done, I’ll support you on the Voxer app for the next 90 days (times and dates will be given to you).

Yes, once the training session is over, for the next 90 days, you can reach out to me on the Voxer app for any kind of support you need. Even if it’s to have someone to vent to. I’m there for you.

No, I’m not filling in the role of therapy. I highly recommend treatment as I’ve gone through it myself and see the benefit. A coach, which is how I describe myself, complements your therapy sessions. Each has pros and cons, so you have to decide what you need in your life right now.

As a social anxiety expert, I’ve walked in your shoes (and still am!), so I know precisely every feeling and thought you have, which is where my value comes in.

Let’s be awkward

TheΒ “Be socially confident” newsletter drops weekly to inspire, entertain, motivate, and educate you about social anxiety (who knew it could be so much fun?!). Honestly, if anything, you’ll get a kick out of my own experiences and the funny GIFs.

I'm Roxana Alexandru

I’m obsessed with social anxiety. In a healthy way! After a decade of being debilitated by it, I finally have the tools I need to manage it (the journey itself is no joke). I now use my experience to help others.

I'm Roxana Alexandru

Coach. Content Creator. Introvert. Mom. Lifelong learner. Psychology lover. Awkward human. Welcome.