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Don’t let the fear of asking questions get in your way

Ask me anything coaching

Don’t let the fear of asking questions get in your way

Ask me anything coaching

You can move ahead with the right answer.

We all have blind spots. What better way to expose them than by having someone point them out? No more overthinking, analyzing, or wondering what to do or say. Get to the root cause faster, and set course in the right direction.

I believe that with the proper guidance and support, you can feel better about yourself and how you show up in the world. I’ve experienced social anxiety for the better part of my life and learned a few things along the way. It’s an involved effort to manage it, but it’s worth it. 

To be able to be awkward and stumble on your words without feeling self-conscious about it is something worth fighting for.


Keep me in your back pocket

The people with the best advice are the ones that have been through the most

You’re here because you’re worried that you’ll mess up the moment you open your mouth or try to be vulnerable, and everyone will be there to see it. You do everything you can to avoid that from happening, but doing so keeps you from living your best life.

Social anxiety has a way of ruining everything. You want to be promoted, make friends, go on dates, and enjoy conversations, all without feeling like you’re one step away from being rejected. It’s this constant energy drain because it takes up so much mental space. 

How amazing would it be to feel comfortable in your body without worrying that someone’s judging you? It’s possible! 

I spent a decade trying to figure out how to stop social anxiety from holding me back in all areas of my life. Once I did, the world opening up to me.

I’m here to show you that it’s possible for you too. 

You might not even believe

you're worth knowing

But I see you. You're hiding the best parts of you, scared they'll be rejected, so you do everything to avoid that.

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social anxiety expert

Hi, I'm Roxana Alexandru

about me social anxiety expert

I help introverts that struggle with feeling inadequate, boring, unworthy, and misunderstood. I'll help you go from scared-of-being-judged-forever to nothing-can-hold-me-back introvert.

I know what it feels like to be so mentally exhausted from social anxiety that you never want to leave your home or deal with people. After years of being debilitated by it (to the point of not even being able to make eye contact with friends), I found a way to manage it successfully.

My experiences and journey made me an expert.

about me social anxiety expert


Frequently Asked Questions


Anything!  Everything! How you feel in certain situations, why you feel that way, and what you can do about it. Walk through the details of a particular encounter and break it down to see what happened and what triggered you. The list is endless, depending on what you want to focus on.

If you want to progress in your career, quit your job, become an influencer, open an online business, make friends with the neighbors, work on public speaking skills, deal with difficult people, or go out to happy hours…without having social anxiety to worry about. That’s just naming a few things!

Absolutely. I tend to go above and beyond to make sure I give you the support you need when you need it. Outside of my sleeping hours, I’ll be flexible in responding.

You book directly on this page, send me your question (with additional details around it) and I’ll respond within 24 hours with a personalized video.

No, I’m not filling in the role of therapy. I highly recommend treatment as I’ve gone through it myself and see the benefit. A coach, which is how I describe myself, complements your therapy sessions. Each has pros and cons, so you have to decide what you need in your life right now.

As a social anxiety expert, I’ve walked in your shoes (and still am!), so I know precisely every feeling and thought you have, which is where my value comes in.

Awkward together

The “Awkward Together” newsletter drops weekly to inspire, entertain, motivate, and educate you about social anxiety (who knew it could be so much fun?!). Honestly, if anything, you’ll get a kick out of my own experiences and the funny GIFs.

Call me Rox!

I’m obsessed with social anxiety. In a healthy way! After a decade of being debilitated by it, I finally have the tools I need to manage it (the journey itself is no joke). I now use my experience to help others.

I'm Roxana Alexandru

Coach. Content Creator. Introvert. Mom. Lifelong learner. Psychology lover. Awkward human. Welcome.