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show up confidently masterclass bonus resource

Show Up Confidently
(All-Access Bundle)


Confidence is more than “just believe in yourself,” social anxiety is NOT a fact of life, and yes, you can finally skip the small talk. No more waiting for confidence to knock on your door. 

Get the tools you need to build social confidence, manage social anxiety, and rock conversations.

show up confidently masterclass bonus resource

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I believe that with the proper guidance and support, you can feel better about yourself and how you show up in the world. I’ve experienced social anxiety for the better part of my life and learned a few things along the way. 

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Call me Rox!

I’m obsessed with social anxiety. In a healthy way! After a decade of being debilitated by it, I finally have the tools I need to manage it (the journey itself is no joke). I now use my experience to help others.

I'm Roxana Alexandru

Coach. Content Creator. Introvert. Mom. Lifelong learner. Psychology lover. Awkward human. Welcome.